Privacy Policy

We at Saffire Crop is aware that when you are using our website, your Personal information is gathered from the use of our website and security of this data is important to us. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain you that what type of data we collect and how we use it. By visiting our website, you are accepting our Privacy Policies. We reserve our right to change our Privacy Policy at any point of time.

This Policy is designed to assure you that you information is Protected as per law of land.

This is not mandatory to disclose your personal information for the use of our website. However, if you are inquiring for some Product or willing to associate with us than you can be asked to provide your personal information. Data collected in this manner may disclose your personal information, but this is not intended. However, this data can be used for statistical purposes to analyse market or Product or other related aspects to our business. The data collection is only for the user benefit and to improve our services.

Wherever your information is collected, you can identify the purpose of the same. Uses of information is only for the purposes and not for personal gain and cannot be utilised by third party other than for the purpose.

If information is shared with third parties, we will ensure that it shall be under the obligation of confidentiality.

You have every right to review and amend delete any of your personal data stored in our system.

We use our best endeavours to protect your data from manipulation, loss, destruction, or access by unauthorised persons. Our security procedures are continuously reviewed to ensure all data is always kept safe and secure.

We can share your information outside Saffire Crop in the following events-

  • For any legal requirement by competent Authority
  • For enforcing law or in any investigation for violation of law.
  • For Protecting Saffire Crop interest, as entrusted by law.
  • If Saffire Crop go under any restructuring/merger/acquisition/asset sale or any other related activity.

We assure you that the data transmitted to us is safe and secure, and if we receive any complaint regarding violation of same, we will act as per law in coordination with local statutory authorities. Please contact us with any problems, questions, or suggestions that you may have. Improvement is a continuous process, and we reserve our right to make changes when deemed necessary.