Mission & Vision


To create opportunities for the growth of all stakeholders and offer sustainable & profitable solutions by leveraging technology.



To constantly innovate and collaborate towards offering superior products & service experiences to farming community.

Our Value

  • We are open, trusting, and clear in our day to day working and dealings.
  • We are driven by passion to learn and adapt for constant growth
  • We believe in partners and partnerships respecting each other’s strengths.
  • We build our next on the strengths of what we do now. 

Saffire Philosophy


Saffire is born out of a desire for growth. Not just its own, but of all its stakeholders. It’s a vision that sees every branch, every leaf, every root that makes it complete getting nourished together.

For that to happen, the conditions must be perfect. And that’s what Saffire aims to do. To offer a bouquet of products and services made possible by progressive practices and an entrepreneurial spirit fuelled by technology. To bring growth for each member of value chain in farming community. From the centre of the operation to the farthest corners of the chain. A growth and progress that is shared equally by all stakeholders.

With Saffire, you are invited to join a movement that looks at agriculture and farming as an area of opportunity that has yet to realise its potential. It’s a partnership that will help each other grow, progress, and expand.

Come, discover the joy of growing together.

The Upwardly Mobile Logo

is the representation of our philosophy. The logo is designed as a combination of leaves growing upwards as a group. It stands for our zeal to continuously move on to a higher level as one.

Four leaves of the logo depict Farmers, Customers, Our Team & all Stakeholders, all coming together to achieve a higher goal.

The Colours also depict an upward movement, moving from a mature stage to a much dynamic growth stage.