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Ankur Aggarwal

Decades of building the country’s most trusted name in the agriculture sector , ‘Crystal’ has also given us a sense of what’s the most important thing for the people we work for, and work with.

With technology opening up possibilities, and also springing new challenges. With new-age practices that offer efficient use of resources, but can also be intimidating to those who work in the fields.

Out of these needs, and in response to these exciting times, Saffire was born.

The new name and entity is here to make collaboration the backbone of the sector. With stakeholders across the chain connected in a progressive model that is backed by technology and global practices and is powered by Crystal. A model that is fired by an entrepreneurial spirit that learns, adapts, builds, tests, and empowers. To offer products and services that are born out of need and knowledge. All to bring growth. Not to any one, or a few. But to every single partner.

At Saffire, we look at stakeholder as individuals, but also as part of a living, thriving system that can grow on collective strength.

Join the revolution. Let’s all grow together.

And let’s find joy in doing it.