Furon G

Carbofuron 3% CG


  • Furon-G is a contact, stomach & systemic, broad spectrum Insecticide and Nematicide.
  • Works excellent on wide range of pest (soil pest and nematodes)
  • Encapsulated formulation of Furon-G provides longer duration control and better safety in handling as it is dust free
  • Furon-G is registered on more than 25 crops
Recommended dose:
Crop Common Name of the Pest Dose
Bajra Shoot fly 20kg/acre
Maize Shoot fly, Stem borer, Thrips 13.2kg/acre
Paddy BPH, Gall midge, Green leaf hopper, Hispa Stem borer, Nematode 10kg/acre
Groundnut White grub 13.2 kg/acre
Sugarcane Top borer 13.2 kg/acre
Tomato Whitefly 16 kg/acre
Chillies Aphid, Thrips 16.2 kg/acre
Apple Woolly aphid 166gm/tree
Citrus Nematode, Leaf miner 20.4 kg/acre

Pack Sizes Available: 1kg, 5kg, 25kg